Class Descriptions

We aim to offer a variety of movement classes to help you to love your body and the amazing ways it can move; and to help you get to know your mind, and how to work with how it moves! While we realize the term “all levels” is a bit of a misnomer, our goal is to make our classes as accessible as possible. With that said, all classes, except Chair & Restorative Yoga, require that you be able to get up & down from the floor. We hope you find some inspiration, challenge, and support in our offerings. To find out more about a specific class, click on any of the plus signs below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Since we believe that individuals of all ages can benefit from yoga, we allow older children (ages 12 & up) to join our adult classes, if parents feel it is suitable. 

Chair Yoga

Sometimes getting up and down from the floor can be challenging. This class is geared to those who may be experiencing limited mobility due to age or certain life experience. During the course of each class, students will explore movements while seated in a chair, as well as make use of the chair for support during standing poses. Students will be guided in ways to maintain and build strength, flexibility, and balance, in mind and body. This class is 30 minutes long. 

Empowered Kids (Ages 4-9)

This is your child’s time to reconnect and embody their imaginative, explorative and wondrous self. Through making choices with yoga postures and co-creating the class, your child’s sense of empowerment can grow. Classes can include dance, breathing techniques with scarf play, mindful art activity, yoga obstacle courses, partner yoga games, and more. All the while, kids will further develop their abilities to sense where they are in space and what they are feeling within their own bodies. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Empowered Tweens + Teens (Ages 9-15)

We will help kids to treat their bodies and minds to an hour of self-love, care, and kindness. This is their time to unwind! This specialized yoga class will offer a safe, non-competitive place for tweens and teens to work with their bodies, thoughts, and emotions. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

Gentle Yoga (formerly Inner Power Hour)

You can never be any more perfect than you are right here, in this very moment. This is your hour to relax, rejuvenate, and remember your worth through this gentle and calming class. No prior yoga experience is necessary. This class is about “inner power.” It is NOT a “power” yoga class. 😉

Little Yogi & Me (Ages 2-5)

Caregivers and parents, come join the fun! Embrace your little one and your inner child as we let our yoga dance, wiggle, giggle, hop, skip, and sing. We will explore different ways of breathing and yoga postures through stories, rhymes, and music.

Mindful Movement

The aim of this class is to develop body awareness and embrace the remarkable things your body can do: move, focus, and breathe—all with an attitude of curiosity and playfulness! We’ll experiment with a variety of movement modalities. We’ll play with movement variation in traditional yoga shapes, sometimes breaking down a posture into the movements that make it up. Some days we’ll focus on strength-building, using both body weight and actual weights (whatever you have handy in your home). Other days we’ll practice more gentle movements, delving into somatics and calming breathing techniques. 

Morning Mobility

This 60 minute class is a wonderful way to begin your Sunday morning. Each class will focus on a specific part of the body: upper body, lower body, side body, or back body. We’ll take this specific focus point through its full range of movement and we’ll explore what it’s capable of by adding challenge. We’ll then take this focal point into more complex postures where we’ll notice how these smaller pieces all fall into place.

Morning Strength & Stretch

This 35 minute class is the perfect “movement snack,” where we’ll focus on movements and methods to help us age well. We’ll work on dynamic balancing techniques, practice getting up & down from the floor, use props, weights, & other tools to gain better joint & body awareness, and we’ll always end the class with some satisfying stretches!

Open Flow

This class offers students a dynamic and comprehensive flow series which will include sun salutations, standing and balancing postures, twists, stretches, folds, back bends and of course, everyone’s favorite…savasana! These will be presented within a structure that will focus on a particular theme each class: part of the anatomy, peak pose, pranayama, mindfulness, Hindu deities, and more!

There will be an emphasis on traditional alignment, but variations, options, and offerings will be given for a variety of levels and mindsets. You will leave feeling energized but also blissfully restored.

Rest & Restore

This 45 minute class takes place every 3rd Friday of the month. We’ll dedicate this practice to the art of slowing down as a way to wake up our connection to an open & compassionate heart. We’ll begin each class with a meditative phrase, which we’ll return to throughout the course of the class. We’ll follow that with some slow, mindful movements. Then we’ll use a variety of props (whatever blankets, pillows, cushions you have handy) to support the body in restorative yoga shapes so it feels like it’s being lovingly held.

Slow Flow

This slow flow class is really a “go with the flow” take on vinyasa. We’ll connect the dots between postures by breaking down some of the shapes that appear in a “typical” flow class. We’ll work on incorporating some novel movements into some traditional shapes. We’ll enjoy some fun & creative flows (sometimes with or without chaturanga, etc.!), and we’ll balance strengthening & stretching in this challenging & playful flow class. 

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