Class Passes

Single Class: $18.00
5 Class Pass:
10 Class Pass:

Sliding Scale Class Passes

Sliding Scale Single Class: $14.00
Sliding Scale 5 Pass: $60.00
Sliding Scale 10 Pass:

In our efforts to remain sustainable and accessible, we offer two-tier pricing (regular price or sliding scale price) so you can choose a pass that best fits your budget, and we can continue to offer you our best. We also offer a “New to Now” introductory pass to any student who is brand new to the studio: 3 classes for $30. You can find this option in the drop-down menu along with all other pass options. This is a limited, one-time only purchase. Thank you!

We hope having options will make your choice to incorporate a regular movement practice into your life a more accessible one. As always, we’re thankful for your continued support during uncertain times!

If you need additional financial assistance to be able to practice with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

+All single class passes and our “New to Now Pass” (3 classes for $30) expire 6 months from the purchase date. All 5 Class Pass & 10 Class Pass options expire one year from the purchase date. Passes are non-refundable but are transferable. We also allow family members to share a pass.