Class Passes

Single Class: $18.00
5 Credit Pass:

Sliding Scale Class Passes

Sliding Scale Single Class: $14.00
Sliding Scale 5 Pass: $60.00

In our efforts to remain sustainable and accessible, we offer two-tier pricing (regular price or sliding scale price) so you can choose a pass that best fits your budget, and we can continue to offer you our best. We also offer a “New to Now” introductory pass to any student who is brand new to the studio: 3 classes for $30. You can find this option on the drop-down menu along with all other pass options. This is a limited, one-time only purchase. Thank you!

We hope having options will make your choice to incorporate a regular movement practice into your life a more accessible one. As always, we’re thankful for your continued support during uncertain times!

+PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE CLOSING THE STUDIO AT THE END OF 2021. Normally, all single class passes and our “New to Now Pass” (3 classes for $30) expire 6 months from the purchase date. Our 10 Pass & 5 Pass options normally expire one year from the purchase date. With our closing date only a month away, we are no longer offering our 10 Credit Pass option. If you are a current student, be sure to purchase a pass you know you’ll use before we close at the end of the year. If you are new, you may want to purchase our “New to Now” Pass or a single class. Passes are nonrefundable. We do allow family members to share a pass.